Vendors in the Lowndes County Historic Courthouse

Explore the Vendor Village at the Historic Courthouse! From crafts to informational booths, find it all around the square

Vendors around the square are V120 -V143


Vendors are: 

  • v120 No Shade Lemonade
  • v120No Shade Lemonade
  • v122 Shirley and Me Crafts
  • v123 Color Me Happy Entertainment
  • v125 Maria’s Freeze Dried Candy, LLC
  • v126 Georgia Military College 
  • v127 Second Harvest of South Georiga 
  • v128 Simply Candles by Shonta
  • v129 Living Bridges
  • v130 Journey Genius Travel
  • v131 Spud Stud
  • v134 Pop’s Socks
  • v137 Chop Jerky
  • v138 Jess by Design only saturday
  •  v139 Made by Niikita
  • v140 Precious Collections
  • v142 & 143 Harley