Coca-Cola Sector

Welcome to Unity Park's vibrant Coca-Cola sector, situated conveniently on Lee Street. Here, you'll be able quench your thirst for great music and connecting with the soul of our community. Here be able find a delightful array of Ga Grown vendors offering fresh produce, alongside a diverse selection of craft, drink, and food vendors. Additionally, this bustling sector serves as the central hub for emergency services, ensuring the safety and security of all visitors. Come explore, indulge, and experience the heart of Unity Park at the Coca-Cola sector!

This Vendor Map will hold all Ga Grown vendors GA1 - GA7, Vendors V77-V92, and our Valdosta Fire Department and Valdosta Police Department. 

GA Grown Vendors:

  • GA1 - 5-ASH BBQ Sauce, LLC
  • GA 2 - Butler's Pride
  • GA3 - Georgia Jerk
  • GA4 - Gitts Bajan Pepper Sauce
  • GA5 - The Georgia Home Company
  • GA6 - Tre'Johns LLC
  • GA7 - Unforgettable bakery


  • v77 & 78 Coke Sector Wild Adventures  
  • v79 Alysse Creative Studio
  • v80 My Way Crochet
  • v81 Alices kitchens 
  • v82 Sheilashine Bracelets
  • v83 ChristalDreamZ
  • v84 Happy Sapp's: Jam & Jelly
  • v85 Sweet Soul Sister
  • v86 preston leather  works
  •  v87 Best of the Best catering and more
  • v88 The Perky Pineapple
  • v89 Planty things with Rosie M
  • v90 Sunshine Natural Juices
  • v91 Dirt Road Dudes Co
  • v93 Orange Pickle Co
  • v94 Soul Symbol Arts
  • v96 Khrissy's Kreations and More LLC