Districts in Downtown Valdosta

Discover the dynamic heart of our city with a visit to vibrant Downtown Valdosta, a mosaic of unique districts each with its own character and charm. From the creative buzz of the Arts District to the lively scenes of the Entertainment District, there’s something here for everyone. Explore the strategic initiatives of the Central Valdosta Development Authority, dive into the progressive projects of Downtown Development, or stroll through the historic beauty of Main Street. Below, find a map that showcases all these exceptional districts, just waiting to be explored in our very own Downtown Valdosta

Valdosta Entertainment District Map

Valdosta Entertainment District.
  • The entertainment district area includes the brewery, any of the areas in downtown from MLK on the southside to Magnolias on the north.
  • The times will be 11 a.m to midnight every day unless there’s a special event.
  • As usual, please drink responsibly in these districts. Here, with clear cups, you can stroll, shop, and enjoy the downtown area while continuing to sip on your beverage from earlier. This isn't an invitation to overindulge; rather, it's a chance to truly appreciate the downtown experience. If you wish to grab a drink and do some shopping, that's precisely the idea. This demonstrates a progressive, forward-thinking downtown.

Valdosta Arts District Map

Valdosta Arts District.
  • Founded October 6th, 2016
  • The purpose for this district was to create a foundation for defining a sense of place attract new and visiting populations integrate the visions of community and business leaders and contribute to the development of a skilled workforce. It is a desire for the Public Art Advisory Committee (PAAC) to establish the first Arts District in the City of Valdosta known as the City Center Arts Districts (CCAD).
    For More information about the CCAD CLICK HERE!

Central Valdosta Dev. Authority Map

Central Valdosta Development Authority:

  • Central Valdosta Development Authority manages the process of enhancing Downtown's position as the governmental, cultural, and economic center of the Greater Lowndes County area by involving businesses, property owners, government, churches, and the entire community.
  • The Central Valdosta Development Authority meets the Tuesday following the second Sunday of each month at 5:00 p.m. All meetings are held in the Authority conference room in the City Hall Annex, Multi-Purpose Room, located at 300 North Lee Street.
  • The Authority members except for the Mayor or his/her designee shall be appointed by the City Council and serve a two-year term. All Board members must complete the State Development Authority Board Member Certification. Board members should actively participate in one of three of the four Main Street committees (Design, Economic Restructuring, Promotions, and Marketing) before being appointed to the Board. Committee participation is required throughout the Board term. Board members must be willing to commit to attending at least 90% of the regular monthly Board meetings in addition to Committee meetings.

Downtown Development Authority Map

Downtown Development Authority 

  • The Downtown Development Authority manages the process of enhancing Downtown’s position as the governmental, cultural, and economic center of the Greater Lowndes County area by involving businesses, property owners, government, churches, and the entire community and by extending the boundaries of the Central Valdosta Development Authority.


Main Street Map

Historic District Map

The Historic District

  • The establishment of a local historic district and a design review process ensures that
    the historic building environment and distinctive character of Valdosta will continue to
    enrich the present and will survive for future generations. Through design review, the
    integrity of Valdosta’s architectural history can be preserved for the cultural and
    economic benefit of the entire community.

All Districts Maps

All Districts all together on one map.