Makers Market-2023

Thank you for your interest in Downtown Valdosta Makers Market 2023!

Makers Market will begin on May 13th and run through December of 2023.


Due to a lack of greenspace for this season we are forced to make a few changes to our Makers Market. In the past we have offered spots to a wide variety of vendors and had the space to accommodate. This year we will relocate the entire market to the sidewalks within our core blocks. Each existing brick and mortar business will be assigned a vendor and said vendor will set up outside of their storefronts. With that being said, we are forced to narrow down our vendor type so that is works cohesively with the brick-and-mortar businesses.

Our Makers Market panel will be responsible for a strict application review or denial based off specific criteria on a 1-10 scale in the following categories:

  • Edible or consumable
  • Artistry
  • Uniqueness
  • Use of local goods/ resources
  • Level of craftsmanship
  • Saturation of product category


Our market will remain a $20 a show but will only be selected in a seasonal rotation 3-month intervals. A select number of our most requested vendors may be offered an annual spot. Also, all vendors selected for the Spring, Summer, Fall, Holiday markets will be required to donate an item(s) valued at $25 per season to be used as a promotional and marketing giveaway at the discretion of Main Street. All donations  will be collected from your booth on the first market of each season. If you fail to donate, then your booth assignment will be terminated for the remainder of season. Gift cards or merchandise vouchers will not be accepted as a promo item unless approved through the Main Street office priory to market day. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out before filling out the application. Please note applications that are not accompanied with quality product photos will not be considered.

Apply Here